The Guardian: Try Sweed's terrific Eyelash Growth Serum

The Guardian: Try Sweed's terrific Eyelash Growth Serum


Our best selling “Eyelash Growth Serum” started to get an unusual amount of love on our website on Saturday morning. After scouting the internet we were beyond happy to find out that it was the journalist Sali Hughes that had made an article about our serum on The Guardian. Our beloved prostaglandin free “Eyelash Growth Serum” has been getting noticed by a lot of people lately and we cannot be thankful enough for all the amazing words and love that you have given this cult favorite. 

“My friend began using this eyelash serum on Saturday and by Wednesday her lashes were longer”

Sali explains, in The Guardian article, the difference between the older lash serums which often contain harsh ingredients to the newer more gentle serums. As she starts writing about Sweed Eyelash Growth Serum she mentions her friend using it and that she started to see a difference in less than a week. 
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Our “Eyelash Growth Serum” is filled with vegan, clean ingredients and is powered by peptides, biotin, pumpkin seed oil and vegan keratin to mention some of the goodies. Together they make a delicious cocktail that supports your hair growth cycle and will make your lashes naturally longer, fuller with a beautiful curl and gloss-effect.

The best part about it is that it is completely free from prostaglandins which is a type of hormone that can cause irritation and pigmentation on your skin. 

Get a long lash summer together with our Sweed Friends and get your hands on the viral lash serum to achieve longer and fuller lashes in just 4 weeks.