New Year New Me

Sweed is going through a big change and as you might have noticed - last year we changed the name from Sweed Lashes to Sweed. I've been gathering all my experience and knowledge from the past 21 years as a makeup artist and put them into outstanding products that are launching during 2023.
"Professional Performance are the lead words in every little detail and aspect of each product."
When I create products, I always think about makeup artists around the world and want them to love our new products. As a professional you know all about quality and performance.  I've been into this clean girl look my whole life and will bring it in to life with these new groundbreaking products. Sweed will remain clean, natural, vegan and continue to support animals through different initiatives. 
Happy 2023 my dearest Sweed friends and thank you sincerely for your immensely support.
Love and light,