Vogue Italia: Why the Sweed serum is popular among eye doctors

Sweed Pro Eyelash Serum: eyelash growth from natural ingredients

When a product is defined as "viral" one is curious and at the same time suspicious about it. In the case of promises such as "eyelash growth", and after controversy over the veracity of the before and afters that circulate online, there is always an extra scruple, but when it comes to the Sweed Eyelash Serum, there is no doubt that they hold up to expectations: almost all online reviews describe it as "nothing short of miraculous" and note results after 3 weeks of daily application.

The portentous results of Sweed Pro Eyelash Serum are due to its ingredient list, which differs from other products on the market. It includes hyaluronic acid, panthenol and soothing active ingredients that support the hair growth cycle. The serum also includes peptides, biotin, pumpkin seed oil and vegan keratin for longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. Sweed Pro Eyelash Serum does not contain prostaglandin analogues that have been reported with multiple side effects such as dark pigmentation, change of eye color, loss of fat around the eye area or allergic reactions on the skin.
"I wondered why 99% of the serums on the market had this ingredient. I realized that it was not easy to make the serum work without prostaglandin analogues in it - but I decided not to use it anyway. Then I received the ultimate feedback: a client of mine, who is an eye doctor, told me that the Sweed Eyelash Serum was the only serum she recommended to her patients. I realized I was on the right track,” says the founder.
Translated from Vogue Italia
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