Why we say no to prostaglandin analogues

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Unfortunately 99% of the eyelash growth serums on the market today contains prostaglandin analogues.

Prostaglandin analogues are synthetic hormones that you don't want to have in any of your beauty products. It's been banned for use in cosmetic products in the EU since 2013. Nowadays you can find prostaglandin analogues that is a synthetic version that works in similar way with the same side effects due to a very similar molecular composition. 

What about castor oil?
Unfortunately it has been shown that castor oil has the same side effect as prostaglandin analogues.

Sweed are proud to have a gentle and prostaglandin free serum that makes wonder with your lashes in 28 days.

Eyelash growth serum sweed beauty prostaglandin analogues

sweed beauty prostaglandin analogues eyelash growth serum

 prostaglandin sweed beauty eyelash growth serum

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