Elle Italia: The eyelash growth serum everyone is talking about

There's an eyelash growth serum everyone has been talking about for months now: it has become popular and gone viral because of its effectiveness. It's the Pro Eyelash Growth Serum from Sweed, a young brand founded by the Swedish-Lebanese makeup artist Gabriella Elio. The formula is developed to prolong the cycle of the eyelashes and therefore allowing them to grow more than they normally would: if they usually fall out after three or four weeks, they can grow up to eight weeks when using this serum.

 Is the eyelash serum everyone is talking about effective? 

The medium-high price range of the serum makes sense, given the fact that it contains natural and functional ingredients. This serum has a unique formula, it doesn't contain any dangerous ingredients, like prostaglandins, which have recently been up for debate. The serum is effective in prolonging the cycle of the eyelashes, making them thicker and stronger. 
Prostaglandin is a hormone-like ingredient that can cause side effects on the sensitive skin around the eyes such as irritation, hyper pigmentation, and itching, which is why its now banned to use in cosmetic products in some countries, including Sweden. The serum doesn't contain any castor oil either: it's known for being a natural remedy for hair and eyebrows, but it should be kept away from eyelashes as it can irritate and clog the skin. 

The Sweed serum on the other hand, is completely natural and safe to use, while performing with great results. It contains nourishing peptides, biotin, pantheon, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and betacarotene, as well as vegan keratin for a full transformation of the eyelashes. A hybrid between nourishing and effective ingredients that prolongs the cycle of the eyelashes and gives them a beautiful curl even without mascara. One application a day, preferably in the evening, for four weeks will make the doe-eyes a reality.

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