I saw everyone wearing brown mascara, so now i'm wearing brown mascara

"There's nothing more impactful than a pitch-black mascara, but brown mascara is gaining a legion of fans for being a more flattering everyday staple" Fiona Embleton says as she recommends our "Lash Lift Mascara" in her article for Vogue Scandinavia.

The brown mascaras have always been the ones left on the counters after all the black mascaras were being sold. Starting with the trend of "clean girl makeup" that started a few years back it came quite naturally that the soft brown mascara look would take over and become your best friend when you're looking for a more cool and soft appearance. The Sweed "Lash Lift Mascara'' coats the lashes in the perfect dark brown shade and together with the groundbreaking brush, pushes your lashes up giving to give you "a lash lift in a bottle effect" that lasts all day long.

Hailey Bieber, one of the biggest trendsetters at the moment was recently spotted in a full chocolate moment paired with her signature glowy skin, fluffy brows and a rosy cheek. Hailey's makeup-artist Leah Darcy confirmed that the it-girl was in fact rocking the brown mascara, giving the look a natural but defined finish.

Another long-time fan of brown mascara is Kylie Jenner who explained in a "get ready with me" video that she has been using it on her lower lashes to achieve a less intense look to the usual black mascara. Kylie's sister Kim, states that the trick is "genius" and we can't agree more.

You can clearly see how the brown mascara trend has blown up on TikTok with thousands of videos of first impressions and which mascara you should choose. Our award-winning Sweed "Lash Lift Mascara" formulated with vitamin B5 has been talked about all over the internet lately by profiles like Lydia Millen and Sam Chapman. The groundbreaking skinny brush helps push the lashes up for an ultra lengthening, lifted look. Thanks to the soft and nourishing formula it will stay on your lashes all day without smudging or flaking.