Hello from the Big Apple

"It´s surreal. The feeling of Sweed finally launching in the U.S is so big for me that I can't put words into that. We are proud to launch with The Detox Market and Revolve.

Waking up at Hotel Fouquet´s in New York and knowing that today is the day where all these incredible artists I followed for years, press and other female entrepreneurs are coming to our cute little Sweed event felt unbelievable. The whole experience was out of this world and nothing I could ever imagine to even dream about. 
Thank you Sweed friends for holding my hands with every step on this journey. You are my world and your support means everything to me."
Make-up artist lunch event at Fouquet´s. It was so surreal to meet the make-up artists I've looked up to for years. Pictured with Daniel Redgret, Angela Reece and Nam Vo.
This felt so surreal!
MUA queen Carolina Gonzalez capturing the moment 


Hosted a breakfast for journalists

Dinner with female entrepreneurs. Its so inspiring to meet other female entrepreneurs!


Also celebrated another milestone - Sweed reached 100K on Insta 💙