Beauty insiders with Malvina Isfan

 Beauty insiders is the format where we meet some of the world's most celebrated makeup artists who's frequently seen using Sweed. We are used to admire their work from distance. Beauty insiders will take you on an exclusive interview where we chat about their favourite products, beauty mottos to how to stay sane during these days. This week we had a chat with the wonderful Malvina Isfan.

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!

Name: Malvina Isfan
Age: 33 years old
City: Bucharest
Instagram: @malvina_isfan


For how long have you been working in the industry?

For 6 years now.

Malvina often uses lashes and makeup from Sweed when doing her magic 

We are so curious about you and want to get to know you better. When did you start your beauty career?

Hard to pinpoint when I started. I dabbled in makeup while in University, around 2009, which is when I began to dream about becoming a MUA. But it was not until 2014 when I actually began doing it professionally - and since then it has been a full time activity, minus the 2020 lockdown.


Malvina herself in an glittery eye look

What's your best beauty trick/hack?

I think one of the best beauty tricks is curling your lashes, honestly. A vivid open eye lifts the entire face, and just makes you look happy! If I do nothing else, I do this. My favourite curler is from Surrat. 

If you were a beauty product, what would you be?

I love this question! It’s adorable. I want to be the Pat Mcgrath Mothership Subliminal Palette. It looks uneventful at first (except for the obvious blue) but once you put it on... you get bursting turqoise and electric royal blue and rich silky taupe and transparent shiny violet and glacial gold. It’s fascinating, just like me ;) (I hope people will get the joke)!


  If Malvina was a product she would be a palette from Pat McGrath

How do you stay sane during those days?

Who said I stayed sane! There were alot of days when I sank very low, lost track of time and lost my motivation. I think it’s something everyone went through being confined for so long, watching the season change wearing the same pajamas. BUT at the same time it was a welcomed break from the intensity of the previous years, so all in all it worked out.

What's your favorite Sweed product(s) and why?

I love the pencil sharpner! And I love the mascara. Apart from the very good formula, the wand is very handy! It reaches to those fine hairs without the risk of smudging it on the skin. And of course the No-lash lashes are so dreamy!

Malvina's favorite Sweed products: Nikki No Lash-lash, Pen sharpener 2.0 & Lash Lift Mascara

We know it's a big beauty scene in Romania with many talented artists. Can you tell us about the Romanians' beauty routines and what distinguishes you?

In Romania the beauty scene is very varied. There are alot of different styles, some are even merging here and there. My personal touch would be that I work with the natural features of women, and I try to enhance that but then add something extra, like a ‘makeup accessory’. I believe in natural beauty all the way.

What beauty advice would you give the teenager you?

The best beauty advice would be to take more care of my skin from an early age. Keep it clean and protected from UV. Never do anything too drastic to your appearence because trends come and go but some things you cannot undo. Also I want to tell girls that beauty belongs to everyone and you should never think less of yourself and love yourself all your life!