Sweed x Lydia Millen

We recently celebrated our Sweed x Lydia Millen launch at Space NK in LondonLydia is a loyal Sweed friend and has used our products for years. The collaboration came to life organically when I asked if Lydia would like to create a lip collection, which transformed into The Eternal Bloom edit.
Thank you to everyone who came, it was an incredible turn out with top journalists, influencers and makeup artists. I’m beyond grateful for your continuous support.
Gabriella, the Founder
Lily Pebbles, Emma Guns & Emily English.
Lydia Millen & Gabriella Elio.
Alex Collins.
Jo Good, Nadine Baggott & Gabriella Elio.
Paula Sutton & Josephine Jusderose.
At Space NK in London.
Gabriella Elio & Yasmine Zweegers.
Lauren Wigley, Charlotte-Belle Tobin & Vanese Maddix.
Anna Lingus & Lydia Millen.

Yasmin Salmon, Gemma Peace & Georgia Rose.

Kate Hutchins & Laura Blair.
Lydia Millen, Mira Parmar & Gabriella Elio.
Katy Jane & Willis Galbraith.
Gabriella Elio & Alessandra Steinherr.
Famida Pathan, Jackie Tyson & Alexis Day.
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