Cloud Mascara Launch Europe Tour

It’s near-summer in Europe, which means there’s a palpable excitement in the air for the warm days ahead. A couple of weeks ago, in week 26, we visited three different countries to celebrate our newest mascara addition, The Cloud Mascara. A product that has been in the making for over 2 years before turning out perfect.

On the warm days in June, our closest friends and industry colleagues descended in London, Amsterdam and Hamburg to fete our newest addition over a beautiful summery lunch.
The events were intimate and Sweed’s founder and Creative Director, Gabriella Elio, spoke to all guests about the Cloud Mascara and the story and passion behind it. “The Cloud Mascara is like a piece of René Magritte art! It will take your lashes to surrealistic lengths and volume beyond your imagination,” said Gabriella.

Among the group of guests were Murielle Van Schaik, Johanna Olsson, Anna Olsson, Jacinta Spencer, Chynara Kojoeva, Gemma Peace and many more — all in all, a group of women with serious beauty knowledge and style. 

Murielle Van Schaik & Gabriella Elio

Sanne Kreikamp

Jansz, Amsterdam

Margriet Hutting, Jessie Meding, Merle Switynk and Sanne Kreikamp

Gabriella Elio and Yasmin Salmon
Jansz, Amsterdam 
Laura van Egdom and Sandra Bierens
The Ivy, London
Marloes de Jong and Gabriella Elio
Merle Switynk
Candle Siërra and Emmy Klomp
Candle Siërra and Gabriella Elio
Gemma Peace and Mikai Mikai

Sandra Bierens and Esmee Huiden

Petite Tortue, Hamburg
Petite Tortue, Hamburg
Björn Mohamadmoesman and Gabriella Elio

Thank you to everyone that came and made this day unforgettable. We are forever grateful!

Xx, Team Sweed