Doctors Approved Eyelash Growth Serum

I did makeup on one of my clients last summer and she told me how she loves our Eyelash Growth Serum and that she recommends it to all her patients.
It made me very curious, so I asked her:
- What do you mean with patients?
And she replied:
- I'm working as an eye doctor and your serum is the only serum I find safe to use.
She then continued explaining how often she had patients coming in with different problems with their eyes due to use of unsafe eyelash serums that has caused different reactions thanks to the hormones inside the formula.
With that said.
Make a safe choice and use our Sweed Eyelash Growth Serum.
In 28 days your lashes will appear fuller and longer with a beautiful curl. You can also use it as a booster for your brows.  Best of all - the clean, carefully chosen ingredients are vegan and free from prostaglandins (hormones).
Xx, Founder