I got it from my mama - Rebecca & Marianne Scheja

In tribute to all amazing mamas out there we have started a format called I got it from my mama, where we meet mothers and daughters we admire. We had a chat with Rebecca Scheja, the one half of the pop duo Rebecca & Fiona, and her mum Marianne Scheja about everything from motherhood to the importance of self love to review our products.

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!

Name: Rebecca Scheja / Marianne Scheja
Age: 32 yrs / 60 yrs
Occupation: Musician / therapist/actress
City: Stockholm

Mother and daughter ♥

Marianne, what has been important to you in your role as a mother?

It's been very important to me to teach Rebecca how to stand up for herself as a woman, be free in mind, creative and happy. And of course to have structure and balance in life.

Rebecca, what is the best advice you got from your mother?

I'm lucky because she's always been very supportive and that has always given me strength. She taught me how to believe in myself and learned me the value of self love since I was a little girl.

Did you believe in eyelash growth serums?

M: I didn't think it would work on me since I'm much older. I must say I'm really surprised! My lashes are twice as long now. And I never had lashes underneath -and now I do. I'm shocked...

R: I mean look at you your lashes! They have never been longer! I knew it would work on me since I saw great results on other people using it. So I was really excited to get started. 

Marianne was sceptical that an eyelash growth serum would work on her lashes,
due to her age, but our Eyelash Growth Serum  proved her wrong!

We know that you use our Lash Lift Mascara - tell us a bit what you think about the brush?

M: I like that it was a comb - but I didn't see it in the beginning due to my bad eyesight haha! It's a perfect little comb and it separates the lashes. One layer is enough for me to get a wow result. Really surprised! And it's very easy to apply. I love it - it's so brilliant! 

R: What I do like about it that you get close to the roots of your lashes and lift them up from the very beginning. And you can build the mascara in several layers. Really amazing! 


Rebecca looks stunning in our Lash Lift Mascara


Marianne, what did you learn about yourself when you became a mother?

Motherhood made me very proud and taught me how to be present in the moment. Before I became a mother I was looking for things outside. But after becoming a mum I learned that everything I needed was inside of me and around my kids.

What do you do to make the world a better place?

M: I always try to see people around me and to say something positive to enlighten up their mood. I call it emotional gifts. Besides that I use solar cells energy and ride my bicycle as transport. And I don't own a car.

R: I'm trying not to be a part of mass consumption. I mean we live in a capitalistic world so that's pretty though. I'm trying to think about how I live and move myself around. I mean I'm an artist and I travel usually way too much. I love vintage clothes and still use my moms clothes from New York in the 80s. The energy is still there in them. Best wardrobe pieces ever.


Rebecca & Marianne in makeup from Sweed