The Story Behind Sweed

What does the name "Sweed" mean?

Sweed is a playful combination of Sweden and sweet in one word. Our founder Gabriella wanted to honor her country Sweden and the iconic blue box reminded her of sweets and macarons. Gabriella always loved the calming and happy blue color of Riva boats and the mediterranean sea. 

It took her 2-3 years to find someone who could create the iconic round Sweed box since it was a new invention and didn’t exist on the market at that time. 

Gabriella was obsessed with the idea that the box had to be round. All the other brands had squared boxes. The Sweed quality and design is different from other lash brands and it was very important for her to stand out and go her own way.

This is the story behind "Sweed" and I hope you have enjoyed it!

With love,