Sweed x Billion Baby Turtle - Stockholm Event

Celebrating our project Sweed X Billion Baby Turtles and the latest product launches as The Brow Pencil, No Lash Cluster and many more with our Sweed babes in Stockholm. We hosted the event together with our beauty friends from Pixi. 

Maria Stappe & Kerstin Lindström

Hanna Lindblom & Emelie Johansson

Felicia Kjellgren &  Katarina Guven

Sandhra Johnsson & Jennifer Kråik

Micaela Espinoza & Jessica Hedman

Gabriella Elio & Kenza Zouiten

Chloe Lilo

Thank you everyone for coming and had a great time with us! Can't wait for the next Sweed event 🥰💙

Yours truly,
Sweed Team